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When classes are over for the holidays and/or the academic year, Harmony Hall residence hall and the Brodhead Bistro dining facility are closed. These closings usually occur for one week during the fall break and one week during the spring break. During this time, students must leave their residence hall room and find alternative housing.

The closings happen again for several weeks between the close of the fall semester in December and the beginning of the spring semester in January. The majority of campus students return to their homes during this time, but we know that sometimes that's not an option for many international students.

Penn State isn't responsible for finding alternative accommodations for you during these breaks, but we're definitely here to help you find a place to stay. For information or help, please contact Jill Bender, staff assistant, Office of Residence Life, 724-773-3959. 

For students who are unable to return to their homes, there are several alternatives available to you.

1.  Go home with a friend or roommate.
-  Many international students quickly make friends with students who live in Harmony Hall and/or students in their classes. 

-  Some international students have the opportunity to spend a week staying with their friend(s) during these closings.

-  However, please note that Penn State isn't responsible for making these arrangements for you.

-  You and your friend(s) must plan this together.

2.  Travel and/or stay in a hotel or motel.
-  Some international students like to travel during campus closings and/or stay in an area hotel or motel. 

-  For assistance in finding lodging and/or making any travel arrangements, please contact Jill Bender, staff assistant, Office of Residence Life, 724-773-3959. 

-  Please note that each student is responsible for paying all of his/her travel and lodging fees.

3.  Stay with a host family arranged through Global Pittsburgh. (www.globalpittsburgh.com)
-  Penn State Beaver is a member of Global Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization that helps to connect international students in and around the Pittsburgh area.

-  This program provides a variety of opportunities, one of which is finding a host family for you to meet and/or to live with temporarily.

-  Please note that there is a fee associated with this service, but it's significantly lower than expenses you would incur if you stayed in a hotel or motel. 

-  If you're interested in learning more about this option, please contact Jill Bender, staff assistant, Office of Residence Life, 724-773-3959.