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Student project could aid police in solving seven-year old murder

1/4/2013 —

Nancy Paoletti, a senior communications major at Penn State Beaver, has completed a student project that could help area police solve the seven-year old murder of a 94-year old woman who was killed in a home invasion in Beaver County. Police have determined that Paoletti’s work may be helpful in continuing their work on the cold case.

Paoletti is a student in the television field production class taught by John Chapin, professor of communications, who requires students to complete a service learning project. Chapin and Paoletti partnered with police, the district attorney’s office, and first responders at the crime scene to create a video detailing the case.

The 46-minute video begins with an introduction by Beaver County Assistant Chief Detective Andrew Gall, then moves into the 911 call placed by the elderly woman when a person or persons entered her home. Police and medics who initially responded discuss their memories and immediate impressions at the crime scene. The video concludes with comments from Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh who believes that the recollections and one-on-one interviews with those initially involved in solving the case could help with the ongoing investigation.

An article about the project recently appeared in the Beaver County Times (Beaver, PA) and can be viewed at http://www.timesonline.com/news/police_fire_courts/video-project-will-help-police-with-cold-cases/article_b8e5a71c-a767-5c68-95ca-f33b938147b6.html

Paoletti can be contacted at nlp5099@psu.edu or http://www.personal.psu.edu/nlp5099. Chapin can be contacted at jrc11@psu.edu or 724-773-3877.

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