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Honors Courses

Special Honors sections of regular courses are frequently offered to Honors students and Schreyer scholars. All entering first-year students who are eligible for the Campus Honors Program or the Schreyer Honors College may take an Honors course.

Honors Options

Many faculty offer Honors Options in their regular courses. The Honors Option allows Honors students and Schreyer scholars to investigate selected topics in greater depth, in many cases conducting original research of their own. Honors Options have been offered in astronomy, biology, chemistry, communications, comparative literature, education, engineering, English, geosciences, history, mathematics, physics, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, sociology, Spanish, speech communications, theater arts, and women's studies.

Honors Independent Study

Many faculty members offer Independent Study courses (of varying numbers of credits) to Honors students and Schreyer scholars. Typically, these courses are designed collaboratively by the student and professor. Independent Study courses have been conducted in many areas, including biology, chemistry, education, English, mathematics, philosophy, physics, and women's studies.

Honors Club

All students in the Beaver Campus Honors Program or the Schreyer Honors College are eligible to join the Honors Club. The club conducts informal discussion groups with individual faculty members, sponsors trips to public lectures, museums, concerts, and festivals, and performs community service projects.


Competitive scholarships are offered by Penn State Beaver to returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A record of participation in the Beaver Honors Program or the Schreyer Honors College during the first college year may prove influential in earning such scholarships. Honors students and Schreyer scholars have won the majority of these awards in recent years. The Honors adviser can also assist with the identification of and application for national scholarships and fellowships.

Registration Priority

Beginning with the second semester pre-registration, Honors students and Schreyer scholars have first choice of courses and sections.

Library Privileges

Honors students and Schreyer scholars enjoy the same borrowing privileges as faculty and may check out books for the entire semester unless a special recall is placed on the materials.

Flexible Requirements

Honors students and Schreyer scholars can make reasonable course substitutions within the general education requirements with approval of their academic adviser and the Honors coordinator.

For more information, please visit Schreyer Honors College.