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The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology (APSCC) is similar to traditional psychology degrees in providing students with an exposure to multiple areas of psychology and an introduction to research methods for studying human behavior, statistics, a report writing. APSCC requires that students learn and apply skills during 12 credits of internship experiences and also requires that students demonstrate skill proficiency in a comprehensive assessment in order to graduate.

For the B.A. degree in Applied Psychology, a minimum of 127 credits is required.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology Course Requirements

General Education Requirements (46-48 credits)

Writing/Speaking Skills (9 credits)
ENGL 15/30
Quantification (6-8 credits)
MATH 21 & MATH 22
Or MATH 110 & CMPSC 203
Health Science & Physical Education (3 credits)
Natural Sciences (9 credits)
Arts (6 credits)
Humanities (6 credits)
Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)
First Year Seminar (1 credit) - required of all freshmen at Penn State
(Students must also meet a Diversity Requirement and a Writing Requirement.)

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology Requirements (29 credits)

PSY 002
PSY 213
PSY 201W
PSY 450/EDPSY 450, PSY 495A, PSY 495B, PSY 495C, or PSY 495D
PSY 496

Additional Courses (19 credits)

PSY 015 or STAT 200
Select 12 credits from the following groups, including a minimum of 3 credits from each category (a total of 9 credits must be at the 400 level):

Abnormal, Clinical, Personality
PSY 238
PSY 412, PSY 471, PSY 482
Developmental, Cognitive, Learning
ED PSY 014, PSY 221
PSY 445/HD FS 445
Industrial/Organizational, Social, Interpersonal
PSY 217, PSY 231
PSY 475, PSY 477
Health, Wellness, Adjustment
PSY 243
PSY 437, PSY 487

Download our checklist for PSY 495 (pdf) outlining the stepping stones that students must complete prior to registering for PSY 495

Supporting Courses and Related Areas (3 credits)
Select 3 credits in consultation with an advisor.

Electives (8-24 credits)