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CRIMJ 012 (GS) (CRIM 012, SOC 012) Criminology (3) Explanations and measurement of crime, criminal law, characteristics of criminals and victims, and violent, property, white-collar, organized, and sexual crimes. Effective: Spring 2008

CRIMJ 100 (GS) (CRIM 100) Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) Overview of the criminal justice system, including legal foundations, processing and correction of offenders, extent and types of crime, victims. Effective: Spring 2008 

CRIMJ 221 Issues in the American Criminal Justice System (3) Examination of the models of the criminal process, functions of the justice system, and approaches to crime and punishment. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100 

CRIMJ 240W Field Research in Criminal Justice (4) Field research and observational strategies appropriate to the identification, investigation, and analysis of research questions in criminal justice. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100

CRIMJ 290 Introduction to Internship Experience (1) Planning and preparation for field experience in a criminal justice agency setting. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100; Prerequisite or concurrent: CRIMJ 240W

CRIMJ 451 (US) (CRIM 451) Race, Crime, and Justice (3) This course focuses on the significance of race, class, and ethnicity to criminal justice processing and criminal offending. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100

CRIMJ 453 (US) (WMNST 453, CRIM 453) Women and the Criminal Justice System (3) This course focuses on the experiences of women as offenders, victims, and professionals in the criminal justice system. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100 or WMNST 001

CRIMJ 494 Research Topics (1-12) Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis. Effective: Spring 2002 

CRIMJ 495 Internship in Criminal Justice (3-12) Experience with a criminal justice agency coordinated through readings and discussion. Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: CRIMJ 100