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Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes, Ph.D

Contact Information

Penn State Beaver
3-H Ross Administration Building
100 University Drive
Monaca, PA 15061-2799

Phone: 724-773-3885
Email: aua28@psu.edu


Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes received a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology in 2010, an M.A. in cognitive psychology in 2008, and a B.A. in journalism from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2005. In 2011, she received a scholarship from the Brazilian government to conduct post-doctoral studies in the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

Dr. Fontes joined the Penn State Beaver faculty for the 2012 spring semester and maintains an active roster of teaching and research. 


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Texas at El Paso, 2010 
Concentration Area: Cognitive Psychology

Master of Arts, University of Texas at El Paso, 2008 
Concentration Area: Cognitive Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas at El Paso, 2005
Major Area: Journalism
Minor Area: Psychology

Research Interests

  • Psycholinguistics and cognition: Bilingualism, reading in first and second languages, reading development, lexical access, lexical ambiguity resolution, individual differences in working memory capacity, applied psycholinguistics
  • Education: Apply cognitive, psycholinguistics research to improve bilingual and second language learners’ academic achievement

Recent Publications

Preuss, E. O., Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. & Finger, I. (in preparation). Interlinguistic interference and cognate effects on bilingual speech production.

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B & Schwartz, A.I. (in preparation). Bilingual meaning access: effects of the other language.

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B, Brentao, L. & Finger, I. (in preparation). The effect of form similarity on bilingual children’s word recognition.

Espinoza, P., Arms-Chavez, C., Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. (2012). Attributional Gender Bias: Teachers¹ ability and effort explanations for students¹ math performance. Manuscript under revision.

Degani, T., Prior, A., Eddington, C., Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. & Tokowicz, N., (2012). Beyond semantic ambiguity: Effects of translation ambiguity in a single-language context. Manuscript under revision.

Preuss, E. O., Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. & Finger, I. (2010). Modelos de acesso lexical na compreensão e produção da fala bilingue. (Comprehension and production models of bilingual speech). Manuscript submitted to Revista Letras de Hoje (PUCRS).

Huerta-Macias, A., Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B., Kephart, K. & Blume, M. (2012). Sheltered Instruction for ELLs: Insights and Challenges. TESOL Journal. Manuscript accepted for publication in November, 2011.

Brentano, L., & Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. (2011). Bilingüismo escolar: Novas evidencias apontam para a importância do contexto escolar no desenvolvimento do controle de inibição. (School-based bilingualism: New evidence points to the importance of a school context on the development of inhibition control). Revista Organon, 26(51), 19-38.

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B & Schwartz, A.I. (2011). The effects of working memory capacity on cross-language activation during lexical disambiguation. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, 14(3), 360-370.

Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B., Yeh, L. & Schwartz, A.I.(2010). Bilingual lexical disambiguation: The nature of cross-language activation effects. Revista Letrônica, 3(1), 107-127.

Arêas Da Luz Fontes, A. B. (2010). An investigation of the cognitive factors that contribute to second language reading. Proceedings from the First International Psycholinguistics Congress, 1, 390-410.

Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B & Schwartz, A.I. (2010). On a different plane: Cross-language effects on the conceptual representations of within-language homonyms. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25(4), 508-532.

Schwartz, A.I., & Arêas da Luz Fontes, A.B. (2008). Cross-language mediated priming: Effects of context and lexical relationship. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 11, 1-16.


Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to study of such higher mental processes as thinking and reasoning, imagery, concept formation, problem-solving, and skilled performance.

Advanced Cognitive Psychology
In-depth study of complex mental processes: thinking, problem-solving, imagery, symbolic behavior, information-processing, attention, artificial intelligence, and language.

Introduction to Psychology of Learning
A general survey of the learning area, including animal and human experiments, with the applicability of learning principles being discussed.



Recommended Academic Plans

Psychology, B.A.

Psychology, B.S. 

Business Option

Science Option