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Kevin Bennett, senior instructor in psychology, wrote a book, “Jealousy’s Design: Maladaptive Trait or Psychological Solution?” published by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Cathy Benscoter, lecturer in communications, webmaster, and marketing and web specialist, received a master’s degree in multimedia arts and technology with an emphasis in web design and development from Duquesne University in December. Last spring she was inducted into Duquesne’s chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism honor society, and is also a chapter member at her alma mater, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

Dr. John R. Chapin, professor of communications, co-authored “Optimistic Bias About Dating/Relationship Violence Among Teens” in The Journal of Youth Studies and “Third-person Perception and Myths About Crime and Victims of Crime” in The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. Last year he received the United States House of Representatives Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Certificate, the Outstanding Citizenship Award for contributions to local law enforcement, and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Victim Service Pathfinder Organizational Capacity Building Award.

In March Chapin implemented the 13th Annual Forensics Tournament, which brought 128 students from nine area middle and high schools on campus to compete in six public speaking categories.

Chapin and Dr. Mari B. Pierce, assistant professor of administration of justice, co-authored “Optimistic Bias, Sexual Assault, and Fear,” which was published in The Journal of General Psychology.

In addition, Pierce wrote “Continuing the Conversation: The Operationalization of Focal Concerns Perspective: Assessing Sentencing Decisions for Criminal Child Neglect” in The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice and authored a book chapter, “Examining the Impact of Familial Paternalism on the Sentencing Decision: Gender Leniency or Legitimate Judicial Consideration?” published in Perceptions of Female Offenders.

Dr. Zhongyuan Che, associate professor of mathematics, co-authored “Forcing Faces in Plane Bipartite Graphs (II),” in Discrete Applied Mathematics and “The Distinguishing Chromatic Number of Kneser Graphs” in The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. In addition, Che chaired the Planning Committee for the Undergraduate Research Fair. Committee members were Dr. Clare Conry-Murray, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. W. Timothy Few, assistant professor of business; Dr. Matt Grunstra, assistant professor of earth and mineral sciences; Dr. Talha Harcar, associate professor of business; and Dr. Irene Wolf, senior instructor in philosophy.

Dr. JoAnn Chirico, senior instructor in sociology, wrote a book, “Globalization: Prospects and Problems,” Sage Publications Inc. She also held a poverty simulation on campus in October, which included role-playing experiences that revealed daily realities faced by low-income people.

Conry-Murray co-authored “Reciprocal Associations Between Young Children’s Developing Moral Judgments and Theory of Mind” in Developmental Psychology. She also co-authored “Jimmy’s Baby Doll and Jenny’s Truck: Young Children’s Reasoning About Gender Norms” in Child Development and “Adolescents’ Reasoning About Parental Gender Roles” in The Journal of Genetic Psychology. Conry-Murray opened this spring’s Faculty Speakers Series with a presentation on “Culture and Development: Effects on Reasoning about Gender Equity.”

Dr. Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes, assistant professor of psychology, co-authored an article, “Attributional Gender Bias: Teachers’ Ability and Effort Explanations for Students’ Math Performance,” in the international journal Social Psychology of Education, volume 16, No. 1, 2013. The article explores various tendencies and explanations for the differences in math competencies for males versus females. Fontes also presented “Teaching a Reading Strategy to Students of Different English Proficiency Levels: Who Benefits from It?” as the second program in the Spring Faculty Speakers Series.

Martin Goldberg, associate librarian, authored “Extracurricular Reading: Creating and Sustaining On-Campus Book Clubs,” in the Reference & User Services Quarterly, American Library Association. In addition, Goldberg wrote eight book reviews: “The Holocaust Conspiracy: An International Policy of Genocide” by William Perl; “Millions of Souls: The Philip Riteman Story” by Philip Riteman; “Two Rings: A Story of Love and War” by Millie Werber and Eve Keller; “Our Journey in the Valley of Tears” by Andrej and Karolina Jus; “Jews Without Power: American Jewry During the Holocaust” by Ariel Hurwitz; “The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz: A True Story of World War II” by Denis Avey; and “Millions of Jews to Rescue: A Bergson Group Account of the Campaign to Save Jews from the Holocaust” by Samuel Merlin.

In spring 2012 Goldberg invited the Women’s Center of Beaver County to display two exhibits as part of his annual efforts to increase awareness of sexual assault and child abuse. “Survivors Wall” was a quilt that depicted personal experiences of abuse victims. “Take a Walk in My Shoes” was a display of victims’ shoes with their personal stories attached.

Harcar co-edited a book, “Advances in Global Research,” with a theme of “Global Competitiveness in a Time of Economic Uncertainty and Social Change: Challenges and Opportunities-Current Issues and Future Expectations.” He co-authored “American Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Different Airline Companies Channels: A Comparison of Transaction Methods,” which appeared in PASOS-Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

Harcar also co-authored three conference proceedings: “Consumer Taste Preferences for Soft Drinks: Country-of-Origin Impact” and “The Determinants of Mobile Advertising Success in Morocco” for Advances in Global Management Development and “User Behavior of Peer-to-Peer Music File Sharing Technology: A Cross-National Comparison of American and Moroccan University Students” for the Business Research Year Book, International Academy

of Business Disciplines. He presented “Country of Origin Impact: Taste Preferences for a Soft Drink Brand” for the Fall Faculty Speakers Series.

Harcar and Daniel W. Smith, instructor in business, co-authored “Soccer Club Jersey Sponsorship: Customer Recall and Awareness in the Turkish Super League” in the Business Research Yearbook, International Academy of Business Disciplines. In addition, the two took 10 students to Turkey over spring break 2013 to tour various manufacturing, business, and cultural sites. While in Turkey, Smith gave a presentation titled “Factors Impacting U.S. Investment Markets” for students and faculty at Istanbul Kültür University.

Dr. Michael Hay, associate professor of chemistry, co-authored “Analytical Methods for Pesticide Residues” in Water Environment Research, Water Environment Federation. “Tetrabutylammonium tetrakis(trimethylsilanolato-kO)ferrate(III)” appeared in Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, International Union of Crystallography.

In addition, Hay was co-coordinator of the Seventeenth Annual Penn State Beaver/Midwestern Pennsylvania Association of Science Teachers Science Challenge held on campus.

James Hendrickson ’82 Eng, instructor in engineering, received his eighth U.S. patent on an invention used for self-contained breathing apparatus and firefighter safety.

This spring Chancellor Gary Keefer co-hosted a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) K-16 initiative program for campus faculty and area high school STEM teachers. Dr. Donald Sheffield, education consultant and former affiliate professor of education, facilitated the program, which included Beaver faculty members Abhijit Dutt, instructor in information sciences and technology; Dr. Angela Fishman, instructor in mathematics; Hay; Hendrickson; Leo Takahashi, assistant professor of physics; Dr. Kay Wijekumar ’00 Edu, associate professor of information sciences and technology; and Dr. Chris Wu, professor of mathematics.

In November Keefer co-sponsored and participated in “Building the New Beaver County Economy: Higher Education Partners in Economic Development Forum” at Starting Gate, a regional small business incubator in Chippewa Township.

In addition, Wu and Daniel J. Pinchot ’91 Com, ’04 MEd, director of enrollment and lecturer in communications, implemented last spring’s annual High School Math Competition, which brought 65 ninth- through 12th-grade students on campus.

Dr. Rajen Mookerjee was promoted to professor of economics in 2012. His research focuses on macroeconomics, monetary/financial economics, development/emerging economics/finance, public finance, and political economy. He holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in economics from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wittenberg University.

Dr. David Paoletti, assistant professor of computer science, was the primary author of “Inferring the Number of Contributors to Mixed DNA Profiles,” in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Dr. Robert Szymczak, associate professor of history, wrote “Dr. Teofil Starzynski, the Polish Falcons, and the Plan for a Polish-American Military Unit, 1942-1943,” in the Polish American Studies: Polish American Historical Association journal. He presented “The New Wave Hits Western Pennsylvania: Eastern and Southern Europeans and the Creation of a Stereotype (1900-1930)” for the New Brighton Historical Society, and co-presented “Attaining Teaching Excellence” for the Fall Faculty Speaker Series with Dr. Robin Bower, associate professor of Spanish, and Karen Barr, senior instructor in business.

Wijekumar co-authored “Large-scale Randomized Controlled Trial with 4th Graders Using Intelligent Tutoring of the Structure Strategy to Improve Nonfiction Reading Comprehension” in Educational Technology Research and Development, Association for Educational Communications & Technology. In addition, she wrote a grant report, “Efficacy Grant on ITSS,” and co-authored a technical report, “The Effects of Odyssey® Math on Grade 4 Student Math Achievement in the Mid-Atlantic Region,” which were published by the Institute of Education Sciences. She also presented “Caught in the Storm: Navigating the Internet Storm,” a professional development presentation for guidance counselors from schools in the Beaver campus service area.

Nancy Woods, instructor in education and executive director of Adult Literacy Action, received Pittsburgh’s Jefferson Award for Public Service, which honors public and community service.