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Complete the following courses to prepare for the LEAN Certification exam.

Lean for the Workplace

(CPE 8404)

Who Should Attend: Individuals from all levels of all types of organizations who want to contribute to a Lean workplace.

About This Program: This course introduces the basic principles and elements of Lean organizations. The course offers practical tools and tips for helping an organization focus on Lean, regardless of the type of business or organization. The focus is on internal process improvements that lower costs and efficiently utilize resources to maximize profit.

You can learn to:

identify areas of waste in your organization.

implement the basic tools of a Lean system.

analyze your process flow with value stream mapping.

reduce costs with just-in-time inventory.

measure the results of Lean on your productivity and profit. 

Please check back for upcoming dates.

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Professional Lean

Who Should Attend: Any professional from any type of organization who wishes to renew his/her working functions to identify continuing process improvements.

About This Program: Apply essential Lean concepts to administrative, service, and product development processes. Focus on process perspective and “mapping” the process to identify and eliminate unnecessary work and delays. Improve effectiveness, reliability, efficiency, and profitability as a process.

You can learn to:

build competencies in documenting work and evaluating processes.

translate concepts to practical and useful learning and application.

elevate the impact of training and increase the transfer of learning to the job.

build skills in problem analysis, creativity, problem solving, and cost analysis.

improve communication abilities between individuals and in teams.

Please check back for upcoming dates.

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Applying Instructor Principles for Lean Implementation

Who Should Attend: Leaders in organizations involved in Lean implementation; managers, supervisors, and front line employees; those who have little or no experience in classroom instruction or who are looking for ways to improve their teaching

About This Program: Obtain skills needed to teach Lean. Understand adult learning theory, instructional system development, communications, motivation for learning, facilitation, and questioning techniques. Practice skills taught in the class.

You can learn to:

• explain the roles and responsibilities of a professional Lean instructor.

apply adult learning theory in the presentation of practical, useful training and development programs.

elevate the impact of training by enhancing learner motivation, targeting high-priority areas for training, and increasing the transfer of learning to the job.

deliver training using a wide variety of instructional methods and tools.

prepare, organize, deliver, and administer the professional Lean program.

Please check back for upcoming dates.

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Fee for all three courses is $360. 

  • If two or more individuals from the same company attend, the fee is $325.
  • Courses may be taken individually for $120 per course. 


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