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Mine Safety & Health (MSHA) Training

Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Training

(Part 46* & Part 48**)

Training To Meet Your Needs

New miner and annual refresher courses are offered monthly at Penn State Beaver, Monaca, PA. 

• MSHA 24-Hour Training for New Metal/Non-Metal Surface Miners 
• MSHA 8-Hour Annual Training for Metal/Non-Metal Surface Miners 
• MSHA 32-Hour Training for Inexperienced Underground Miners 
• MSHA 8-Hour Annual Training for Experienced Underground Miners

Our MSHA approved trainer can deliver any of our MSHA courses wherever and whenever you choose. To schedule an on-site or special MSHA course, please contact the Penn State Beaver Office of Continuing Education, 724-773-3700.

If you are a contractor who might work at a mine site for more than five days or for frequent or extended periods of time, you must receive comprehensive training. Contact the instructor/trainer for detailed information regarding requirements for the 30 CFR regulations.

*To conduct training under Part 46, you must provide us with your Part 46 Training Plan prior to the start of any scheduled training. The training plan must also include the instructor's name at Penn State as a competent person. You will need training on site for work environment and task training; the time needed is dependent on your training plan. If you need to develop a training plan, please contact the instructor/trainer.

**To conduct training under Part 48, if you are the mine operator, you must provide your Part 48 Approved Training Plan prior to the start of any scheduled training, as well as the instructor's name and MIIN number. If you are a contractor, you can be trained under the cooperative’s training plan. If you need assistance in developing a training plan, please contact the instructor/trainer prior to scheduling the training.

MSHA will allow independent contractors who work at both Part 46 and Part 48 surface mining operations to comply with the training requirements of Part 48, instead of complying with both training rules. This will eliminate the need to develop two training plans and comply wth two record-keeping requirements. 

These contractors may choose to comply with the New Miner, Experienced Miner, Task, and Annual Refresher Training programs of Part 48 to satisfy the training requirements for both regulations. Independent contractors who choose to follow this policy must have their own Part 48 Training Plan approved by MSHA. If you need assistance in developing a training plan, please contact the instructor/trainer prior to scheduling the training. The Part 48 Training Plan must be submitted to an MSHA District Office prior to scheduling the training.

Construction workers who are exposed to hazards of mining operations are defined as miners by Park 46. Independent contractors who perform construction work on Part 46 properties may train under their own approved Part 48 training plan to satisfy the Part 46 requirement for training construction workers who are exposed to hazards of mining operations.

On-Site Training Available

If you are unable to have your employees come to Penn State Beaver, we can offer customized programs at your site. It's convenient, flexible, and effective. Our MSHA-approved trainer can deliver any of our MSHA courses in southwestern Pennsylvania. Courses specifically designed for your organization can be held on site or at Beaver campus.  

To schedule or obtain more information, please contact the Penn State Beaver Office of Continuing Education, 724-773-3700.


Office of Continuing Education
102 Ross Administration Building
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Monaca, PA 15061

Phone: 724-773-3700
Fax: 724-773-3769 

Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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