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Lion Shrine

Penn State Beaver employees are entitled to University benefits and have access to many opportunities and facilities on campus, including the Brodhead Bistro food court which features an extensive menu; wellness facilities, including state-of-the-art exercise equipment; the campus library, home to more than 45,000 books, 125 periodicals, and numerous newspapers; access to the Big 10 library system, and the Brodhead Cultural Center which offers free summer shows and concerts in the amphitheater on campus. 

More than 900 students are enrolled at Beaver, and 200 of them live in the Harmony Hall residence hall. Beaver is a 105-acre residential campus located just 40 minutes northwest of Pittsburgh. As one of Penn State's 23 locations throughout the state, Beaver offers an outstanding University education and student experience in a small community setting.

Penn State Beaver is a "2 + 2" campus in that it primarily serves students for the first two years of their education. Most students move on to another Penn State location to complete their degree.

However, Beaver also offers six baccalaureate degrees, four associate degrees, and a master's degree that can be completed on campus.

Our campus employs more than 120 faculty and staff, and we pride ourselves on the close, collegial atmosphere fosterered on campus. Students, faculty, and staff enjoy many opportunities to interact on a daily basis.

Careful attention to both the needs of our students and employees and the physical design of the campus have resulted in a pleasant, appealing, and welcoming environment. The campus is oriented around a large, park-like quad and also features many smaller plazas and sitting areas. Plentiful walkways loop throughout the campus, providing easy access to all buildings and areas at Beaver. 

The Ross Administration Building, the Student Union Building, and the Brodhead Bistro all provide areas for informal gatherings and study.