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New center gives technical support to communities for youth well-being

The Penn State Prevention Research Center (PRC) has opened its new Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support Center, created to support
the PRC's continuing efforts to work with Commonwealth agencies and Pennsylvania communities to promote the well-being of children, youth, and
families and reduce violence and delinquency through tested and effective programs.

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'Lost History of Christianity' unveils Eastern church empire

Since 2002, Penn State scholar Philip Jenkins has been describing in several books the changes and the faces of global Christianity for the 21st century,
with membership growth and ecumenical power shifting to the Christians in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But his newest book "The Lost History of
Christianity" travels back nearly 1,500 years to a forgotten empire of Christian churches in the Middle East and Asia, co-existing with nonChristian
regimes, but eventually falling prey to persecution and ethnic/racial cleansing.

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The Medical Minute: National Hand Washing Awareness

This time of year, it seems almost everyone is either sick themselves or just getting over something. Where do all the germs come from? Other than the flu,
which does not become active in the U.S. until December, most of our infections are self-inoculated, reports this week's edition of The Medical
Minute, a service of the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

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Probing Question: Did Shakespeare really write all those plays?

The controversy about whether Shakespeare authored all of the plays and poems attributed to him is still debated. Patrick Cheney, Distinguished Professor of
English and Comparative Literature puts this question to rest. "Not a single reputable scholar I know has the least doubt that William Shakespeare of
Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the plays and poems ascribed to him."

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