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Student Affairs staff members receive honors


Three members of the Penn State Beaver Office of Student Affairs were honored at the University-wide Student Affairs Student Staff Awards and Recognition Program held recently at Penn State's University Park campus. Amy Gartley,

associate director of student affairs, and Jessica Jackson, coordinator of residence life and student activities, along with several other University staff members, won the Outstanding Program of the Year Award. Larissa McDoniel, student personal and career counselor, received an Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Program of the Year Award category.


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Brodhead Cultural Center summer shows open to public


The Penn State Beaver Brodhead Cultural Center will host its 33rd season of free and low-cost summer programming. All shows are free and begin at 7:30 p.m. unless indicated otherwise. For information about the center, call the events hotline at (724) 773-3600 or call the Brodhead Cultural Center at (724) 773-3610.


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Szymczak article published in journal


An article titled "'Darwin's Bulldog' as a Man of Letters: Thomas Henry Huxley and the Crusade for Science in Victorian England," written by Robert Szymczak, associate professor of history at Penn State Beaver, was published in Confluence, volume XIV, number 2, spring 2009. Szymczak can be contacted at rxs16@psu.edu or (724) 773-3895.


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Beaver offers summer enrichment and sports camps for youth


The Penn State Beaver Office of Continuing Education and the Department of Athletics will host a variety of academic enrichment and athletic camps this summer for children ages 3 to 18. For more information or to register for camps, contact the Continuing Education office at (724) 773-3700 or visit www.beaver.psu.edu/ce/youth.htm.


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Prospective students invited to Spend a Summer Evening program


Prospective students and their families are invited to attend the Spend a Summer Evening program at Penn State Beaver, 5 p.m., Thursday, June 25 in the Student Union Building. To register, call (877) JOIN-PSU or visit www.beaver.psu.edu and click on 'Admissions.'


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Medical Minute: Outdoor injury prevention starts in your own backyard


Each of five major child injury hazards -- motor vehicles, drowning, burns, falls and poison -- can be found in the back yard during the summer. Riding mowers, inflatable pools, home playground equipment and even natural vegetation and sunlight require a few simple precautions. All of the safety guidelines you apply to sports, playgrounds and swimming apply to those activities in your own back yard, says this week's edition of The Medical Minute, a service of the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center


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Probing Question: Should society regulate reproductive technologies?


"Do we have an ethical responsibility as a society to do everything we can to ensure that as many women who want to become pregnant can do so? In other words, is this a positive right?" asks Nancy Tuana, professor of philosophy

and director of the Rock Ethics Institute. Complex issues surrounding these questions include the rights of citizenship, the role of the doctor-patient relationship and rising medical insurance costs.


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