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Penn State Extension offers Community Tree Management Institute


Having a knowledgeable and committed group of residents serving on a municipal tree commission is the best way to assure that public trees receive proper maintenance and contribute to a community's quality of life. To provide the training required to be an effective tree-commission member, Penn State Extension is partnering with several other organizations to offer the Community Tree Management Institute, May 20 to 21, at Penn State New Kensington.


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Probing Question: Is time-out a good form of discipline for children?


A time-out can give children a chance to calm down so they can talk about their behavior, said Linda Duerr, director of Penn State's Child Development Laboratory.


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The Medical Minute: Be cautious with concussions


A concussion in young athletes can cause significant problems, especially if not recognized and treated properly. The risk for concussion can certainly be reduced by using the proper equipment and following the rules, but it will never be eliminated. Soccer players and lacrosse players risk collisions with opponents or striking their head on the ground after a fall. Softball and baseball catchers and umpires risk getting concussions from foul balls.


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