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Penn State Beaver Announces Results of Forensics Tournament

4/8/2009 —

Penn State Beaver announced the results of the Ninth Annual Forensics Tournament held recently on campus. The event is a public speaking competition open to middle school and high school students in western Pennsylvania. A total of 87 students from four schools participated: Beaver Area Middle School, Beaver County Christian High School, Freedom Area Middle School, and Freedom Area High School.
Event organizer is Dr. John Chapin, associate professor of communications at Beaver campus.

Winners in each event are as follows:

Dramatic Interpretation (Middle School)

1st Sarah Choflet, Freedom
2nd  Louis Spanos, Freedom
3rd  Emilee Baker, Freedom
4th  Zoe Sayre, Freedom
5th  Taylor Wolff, Freedom
6th  Sarah Brutout, Freedom

Dramatic Interpretation (High School)

1st Jonathan Krouse, Beaver County Christian
2nd  David Mine, Beaver County Christian
3rd  Zac Stanley, Beaver County Christian
4th  Samantha Smith, Freedom
5th  David Deltino, Beaver County Christian
6th  Crystal Clear, Freedom

Humorous Interpretation (Middle School)
1st Emilee Baker, Freedom

Humorous Interpretation (High School)

1st Ian Taylor, Beaver County Christian
2nd Nikki Wallis, Freedom
3rd Cami Bibby, Freedom
4th Jesse Scheller, Freedom
5th Chris Rooney, Freedom
6th Julie Scheller, Freedom

Original Oratory (Middle School)

1st        Samantha Marchionda, Freedom

Original Oratory (High School)

1st Erica Novak, Freedom

Impromptu Speaking (Middle School)

1st Jesse Gaunt, Freedom
2nd Louis Spanos, Freedom
3rd Richie McEwen, Freedom
4th Jennifer Wallis, Freedom
5th Steve Kappas, Freedom
6th Zack Wilson, Freedom

Impromptu Speaking (High School)

1st Fiona Smith, Beaver County Christian
2nd  Cole Leonburg, Freedom

Children’s Literature (Middle School)

1st Deanna Edwards, Freedom
2nd Zack Wilson, Freedom
3rd Jenny Frantz, Beaver

Children’s Literature (High School)

1st Deanna Miklos, Freedom
2nd Ian Taylor, Beaver County Christian
3rd Sara Allego, Beaver County Christian

Dramatic Duo (Middle School)

1st Mark Zurick and Luke Hutchison, Freedom
2nd  Alicia Galino and Hannah Barrett, Beaver
3rd  Emily Bogolea and Jessica Burval, Beaver
4th  Samantha Marchionda and Lexi Hancock, Freedom
5th  Jesse Gaunt and Richie McEwen, Freedom
6th  Taylor Wolff and Deanna Edwards, Freedom

Dramatic Duo (High School)

1st Kayla Mawhinney and Samantha Smith, Freedom
2nd  Cami Bibby and Jesse Scheller, Freedom
3rd  Shannon Schimmer and Julie Scheller, Freedom
4th  Kelly Follmer and Kyle Lutz, Freedom
5th  Cliff Gilbert and Zac Stanley, Beaver County Christian
6th  Andy Guthrie and Jason Michalenko, Beaver County Christian

Team Award

First Place Middle School: Freedom Area Middle School

First Place High School: Freedom Area High School

For more information on the Annual Penn State Beaver Forensics Tournament, contact Chapin at jrc11@psu.edu or 724-773-3877.

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