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Campus announces winners of Undergraduate Research Fair

4/10/2012 —

Students were required to work with a faculty mentor in researching their topic and preparing an oral and/or poster presentation. Presentations were made in a variety of academic areas, including engineering, administration of justice, psychology, communications, information sciences and technology (IST), genetics and biology, and philosophy.
Student topics and winners follow:
Oral Presentation, First Place
Topic: ‘Usability Testing of a Newly-Designed Website to Replace an Existing One for The Jogger’
 -- Winners:Nicolas Cosky, junior, IST major, Coraopolis, and David Rorick, senior, IST major, Monaca
 -- Faculty mentor: Kay Wijekumar, associate professor of information sciences and technology
Oral Presentation, Second Place
 Topic: ‘Reverse Engineering and Analysis of Henry Ford’s First Engine’
 -- Winners were engineering majors, with one exception:
 -- Michael Eiben, sophomore, Wexford
 -- Jaimes Coelho, junior, Centereach, New York
 -- Dalton Petrillo, junior, Cheyenne, Wyoming
 -- Christina Corraini, sophomore, Freedom
 -- Wesley Mummert, sophomore, Windsor
 -- Branden Kraus, sophomore, Aliquippa
 -- Alexandria Stewart, junior, Georgetown
 -- Nicole Bing, sophomore, Coraopolis
 -- Jessica Bashioum, junior, Burgettstown
 -- Valerie Fudurich, junior, Monaca
 -- Brennen Koji, sophomore, Division of Undergraduate Studies, Monaca
 Faculty mentor:
 -- James Hendrickson, P.E., instructor in engineering
Poster Presentation, First Place
 Topic: ‘Genetic Diversity of Captive African Painted Dogs in North American Zoos’
 -- Winners: Tim Crusan, junior, science major, Ellwood City, and Katie Jezewski, sophomore, agriculture major, Freedom
 -- Faculty mentor: Cassandra Miller-Butterworth, assistant professor of biology
Poster Presentation, Second Place
 Topic: ‘The Gender Nation’
 -- Winners: Kristina Mangie, junior, psychology major, Monaca, and Aimee Archer, senior, psychology major, Aliquippa
 -- Faculty mentor: Clare Conry-Murray, assistant professor of psychology
The Planning Committee was chaired by Dr. Zhongyuan Che, associate professor of mathematics. Other committee members were:
 -- Clare Conry-Murray, assistant professor of psychology
 -- W. Timothy Few, assistant professor of business
 -- Matt Grunstra, assistant professor of earth and mineral sciences
 -- Talha Harcar, associate professor of business
 -- Irene Wolf, senior instructor in philosophy
Oral presentation judges:
 -- Larissa Ciuca, student personal and career counselor
 -- John Feraco, manufacturing leader, NOVA Chemicals, Inc. and president of the Penn State Beaver Advisory Board
 -- Jill Tress, coordinator, Center for Academic Achievement
Poster presentation judges:
 -- Peter Deutsch, associate professor of physics
 -- Michael Hay, associate professor of chemistry
 -- Beth Theobald, reference librarian
Alternate judge: Ana Beatriz Areas Da Luz Fontes, assistant professor of psychology
For information about the annual Undergraduate Research Fair, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 724-773-3571 or djm5@psu.edu.


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