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Barr receives Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching

4/30/2012 —

Karen Barr is one of six Penn State faculty members who received the 2012 George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching. Barr is a senior instructor in business at Penn State Beaver.

The award, named after Penn State's seventh president, honors excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level.
A member of the Penn State Beaver faculty since 2000, Barr receives consistently high Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness, particularly with respect to the clarity of her presentations, her interest in teaching the course and her willingness to help students make progress.

‘I try to make students see it is not only important to get good grades, but it is also important to think of the class as a place to learn about life,’ she said. Although her advising load is officially around 65 to 70 students per year, more than 90 students seek her assistance on a routine basis, according to one nominator.

In 2005 Barr received the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award from the Beaver campus Student Government Association. A student said, ‘She is not my school advisor, but has helped me more than anyone appointed to me.’ Barr was the recipient of the Penn State Beaver Advisory Board Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004.

She holds a master’s degree in business administration and corporate finance from California State University and a bachelor's degree in nursing from Ohio State University.

Barr can be contacted at kcb10@psu.edu or 724-773-3869.

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