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Students host Hispanic/Latino Heritage Cultural Fiesta on campus

10/29/2012 —

More than 100 people attended the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Cultural Fiesta held recently in the Lodge of Penn State Beaver’s Student Union Building. The event was open to campus students, staff, and faculty and featured food, music, games, crafts, and dancing from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil.

Some of the native foods highlighted include bacalaitos (cod fritters), arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), alambres (meat sauteed with vegetables and served with tortillas and salsas), tres leches (three milk) cake, and manjo juice.

Various students, faculty, and staff, some who are members of the campus Climate and Diversity Committee, planned and implemented the event and included:

Verushka Soto of Moca, Puerto Rico, a sophomore science major, led dance lessons and consulted on menu selections.
Ileana Muhlach of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, a senior psychology major, led dance lessons and coordinated a large group of students to help with the event.

Emanuel Martinez, of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, a sophomore business administration major, assisted with dancing and music.

Erica DeLuca, a second generation Cuban American from Phoenix, AZ and a sophomore liberal arts major, helped with event planning, cultural artifacts, and the  menu.

Carlo Piceno Martinez of Mexico City, Mexico, a sophomore major in Division of Undergraduate Studies, assisted with photos, cultural advising, and the menu.

Juan Castano, a native of Columbia from Moon Township and a freshman engineering major, also assisted with planning.

Amanda Donatelli, a freshman from Indiana majoring in Division of Undergraduate Studies, was a student dancer and event assistant.

Various other students from the Campus Dance Crew and Harmony Hall Residence Hall also participated.

In addition, other committee members were Ana Beatriz Arêas da Luz Fontes, assistant professor of psychology; Larissa Ciuca, student personal and career counselor; Parker Goolsby, residence life coordinator, and Denise Turyan, staff assistant, Office of Student Affairs.

For information about the event, contact Ciuca at lbm12@psu.edu or 724-773-3961.

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