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The Office of Student Conduct serves as a valuable resource for the University community by promoting a safe living and learning environment.

Penn State identifies unacceptable student behavior in a document called the Code of Conduct. Familiarize yourself with the expectations of the Code of Conduct and allow it to guide you through your daily decision-making processes in and out of the classroom. If you know what's considered acceptable behavior, then you're taking the first step in making that a way of life. The judicial process begins when students don't uphold or ascribe to the ideals of the Code of Conduct.


Do you ROAR?

At Penn State Beaver, we embrace the Penn State Principles. We've provided additional information and resources for members of the campus community to use as they integrate these ideals into their everyday lives.

I will respect the dignity of all individuals within the Penn State community.

Easy Ways to Live the Principle:

  • Treat everyone with respect and civility.
  • Discourage racism, sexism, and bigotry.
  • Look past sterotypes to see the uniqueness of each person.
  • Be tolerant of those different from yourself.

Respect Brochure
Office of Student Affairs, 724-773-3951
Office of Student Conduct, 734-773-3956 (Report Acts of Intolerance)

I will be responsible for my own academic progress, and I will agree to comply with all University policies.

Easy Ways to Live the Principle:

  • Come to class alert, prepared, and free of drugs and alcohol.
  • Get to know your academic adviser.
  • Learn how to use Internet advising tools through eLion.
  • Consult online calendar and course schedules.
  • When in doubt, check out the resources below.

Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), 724-773-3789
Career Services, 724-773-3961
Center for Academic Achievement, 724-773-3845

I will practice academic integrity.

Easy Ways to Live the Principle:

  • Be sure to give credit in your written work for all words and ideas of others.
  • Turn in papers that YOU wrote.
  • Turn in the same assignment in more than one class ONLY if the instructor approves it.
  • Collaborate on projects ONLY when approved by your professor.
  • Learn how to cite sources properly to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), 724-773-3789
The University's Code of Conduct
Academic Integrity Policy

I will demonstrate social and personal responsibility.

Easy Ways to Live the Principle:

  • Learn and abide by all University rules and regulations.
  • Prepare for and attend all scheduled class meetings and required events.
  • Represent Penn State on and off campus with honor and dignity.
  • Lead by example.
  • Remember that Penn State Beaver is a dry campus for all students.

For more resources, visit:
Office of Health Services, 724-773-3955
University Police, 734-773-3840 or, in an EMERGENCY, 734-773-3888
Off-Campus Misconduct Policy