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Discover Your Pride at New Student Orientation - Class of 2018

Peer Leaders are current full-time students who exemplify and uphold Penn State's mission, core values, and school spirit!

These students are a key compenent in the successful transition of our new and transfer students. Peer Leaders serve a vital leadership role in guiding new and transfer students through New Student Orientation (NSO) and New Student Day.

"Be confident in who you are and never be afraid to try new things. Stay focused and ask for help if you need it. And always live without regrets."


Peer Leader
Alissa Ketterer Sophomore, Psychology Commuter


Peer Leader

"Make sure you shoot for the stars, get involved, and balance social life and school work."

Amy Arnold Junior, Business Commuter


"Don't be afraid to ask for help because your professors, peers, and the staff all want you to succeed. No question is "stupid" and most likely we've been in your situation, too!"

Peer Leader
Bailey Kellner Junior, Business Commuter


"Be open to all opportunities. Now is the time to find your passion and develop as a student and a person."

Peer Leader
Brianna D'Itri Sophomore, Communications Commuter


Peer Leader

"Make sure you ask for help, if you need it. We've all been through this state and we did survive!! :) Have a great year!"

Christy Abraham Junior, Information, Sciences, and Technology Commuter


"Stay focused on your goals because they are within reach, but most importantly, stay focused on yourself. You are what matters!"

Peer Leader
Jessica Findling Junior, Psychology Resident


Peer Leader

"Be yourself. Trust me, your college experience will be the best time of your life if you are."

Maura Francis Junior, Psychology Resident


"Find the healthy balance for you between work, school, and time to relax."

Peer Leader
Roy Rowland Sophomore, Undecided Commuter


Peer Leader

"Time management is key for a great college experience. Focus on your studies and don't overextend yourself."

Trey Trieschock Senior, Administration of Justice Resident


Peer Leaders

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