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For your security, the outside doors of Penn State Beaver's Harmony Hall are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Harmony Hall is equipped with an electronic, computerized card access system that permits access to the hall only by the building's residents. The system is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Adjustments to access hours may be made during the time of fall semester arrival and spring semester closing.

A student may enter the building by swiping his/her Penn State id+ card in the card reader located in the front lobby. It is considered a violation of policy for residents to provide their Penn State student id+ card and/or PIN number to any other individual for the purpose of gaining access to a building and/or room, e.g. giving an id+ card to a student living off-campus so that he/she can use the laundry facilities in Harmony Hall.

Remember to take your keys and Penn State student id+ card when you leave Harmony Hall. Do not prop the door open or let unknown people into the building. Non-residents must be escorted in Harmony Hall, and they must use the telephone provided in the front entryway to contact the resident they wish to visit.

If a student or guest leaves Harmony Hall through any of the regular building exits, the student or guest must understand that exit doors cannot be held open for prolonged periods of time. An door alarm will sound, and someone will be dispatched to determine if the door is blocked open.

The effectiveness of our security procedures for our students is dependent upon each resident's cooperation. It is of the utmost importance that residents assist University personnel in confronting and/or reporting security problems, violations, and suspicious individuals. A violation of residence hall security is viewed as a serious violation of student conduct and could result in cancellation of the student's residence hall contract.

Fire Drills

To comply with state and local fire regulations, fire drills will be conducted in all University residence halls once a month. Every person present in the building during the emergency drills must participate by vacating the building according to instructions. During fire drills, rooms may be checked to insure compliance. Failure to vacate the building will result in disciplinary action.

Fire Exits

Fire exit doors are located in all Penn State residence halls. These doors are alarmed and are not to be used for routine exit and entry. Non-emergency use of these doors will result in disciplinary action.

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are located on every floor in a residence hall. All residence hall rooms are equipped with an electronically-operated smoke detector. In rooms where sprinklers have been installed, the smoke detector is monitored by University Police. All other smoke detectors operate independently from the building's fire alarm system.

The detectors and sprinklers are for the safety of students and their guests and must not be tampered with or damaged. Tampering with and/or damaging equipment is a serious matter that could jeopardize the safety of many people and could result in disciplinary actions.

Misuse of and/or tampering with the fire alarms and/or fire extinguishers is a threat to the safety of all and a violation of Pennsylvania state law. Misuse of and/or tampering with fire alarms and/or fire extinguishers may result in expulsion from the residence hall, referral to the disciplinary system, criminal charges, and possible fines totaling $500


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