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Beaver County Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Services Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Beaver County is a department which serves three primary functions:

  1. To process delinquency cases involving offenders defined by law as juveniles.
  2. To resolve cases involving children deemed to be dependent.
  3. To serve as the center for all custody pre-trial mediation and conciliation conferences.

The Juvenile Services Division is located in the Health and Welfare Complex just off of Dutch Ridge Road in Brighton Township, less than two miles from the Beaver County Courthouse. This complex also encompasses the Allencrest Detention Facility wich houses juvenile offenders.

Juvenile Services Division
173 Friendship Circle
Beaver, PA 15009

Phone: - (724)774-8870

Fax: - (724) 728-6444

Office Hours: Monday ~ Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Except Holidays


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